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Why do people draw? They are fascinated by the very process, when out of "nothing", thanks to their actions, a piece of the new world appears. In a moment of high creative lift, you begin to feel that you are a creator and you are creating your world. It's a very powerful feeling that fills you with powerful energy. Would you like to do the same? Book your place and come to the workshop!

Master-class «Controlled Abstraction».

Master-class by Ulyana Kuznetsova "Interior painting. Controlled Abstraction" is available to completely everyone.

You will get unforgettable impression from creation and the real picture for your interior, which you will write yourself!

The painting will become a real decoration of your home and will fill the interior with your own positive emotions and positive energy.

Мастер классы рисования Красноярск фото

Master Class Program


1) We get the basics of the color wheel and learn how to use colors effectively, learn about the rules of color harmony.

2) We get acquainted with acrylic paints and tools that will help us create a real masterpiece.


1) Each participant chooses colors for his/her work independently according to his/her mood, gets recommendations for color selection and harmony of painting in the interior.

2) We tint the paint, add special mixes and solutions. Under the artist's guidance, we apply paint to canvas and paint a picture.

3) At the end of the master class, each participant will receive a finished work and valuable knowledge that they can apply independently.

- cost of the master class varies depending on the format of your choice

- canvas on stretcher of your choice, you choose the size

- large range of colors for the creation of a picture

- quality safe materials

Duration 3-4 hours.


  • I am studying to be an engineer and so all my life I was sure I was only capable of drawing. But I was convinced of the opposite when I got to Ulyana's master class in Moscow, which she held for students of D.I. Mendeleev Russian Chemical Technology University. I wish we had more teachers like her, who open up new sides of personality!

    — Kamil Nemov
  • ...In me it was like something clicked: this is it! We have to go! And this world that opened up to me at that moment was that necessary ray of light. I lived from Saturday to Saturday, revisiting pictures and photos, looking for inspiration. Ulyana became for me a guide to the world of painting, full of feelings and emotions. I came out after 3 or sometimes 4 hours at the easel, inspired and full of life energy. I was glowing from the inside and it was visible even to passers-by. I want to say a huge thank you to Ulyana for everything! Her master classes brought me back to life, let me believe in myself! But I don't want to say goodbye! Now my son, my source of inspiration, is growing up and I already want to paint for him. So I will definitely be back with new ideas and a new attitude.

    — Anastasia
  • It's an amazing feeling to paint yourself, it's an inexpressible buzz, I love myself. My huge thanks and appreciation to my parents for the source material, to Sana Averin for the photo and to Ulyana Kuznetsova for the workshop.

    — Anastasia Voronina
  • Ulyana Kuznetsova is a great artist and a wonderful, experienced teacher in her classes is very pleasant and relaxed environment. The classes helped me discover my creative abilities in a short time. Many adults who have never held a brush in their hands, even after a couple of classes make incredible progress. I also attended classes for children; children immediately find common ground with Ulyana. Positive atmosphere and spirit contributes to the discovery of inner potential, increased skill. After lessons, many complexes are removed, increased self-esteem, self-confidence. And this is so important for creativity!

    Так что рекомендую, 5+!

    — David Demirkhanov

Master class cost

Schedule of master classes


Monday - Sunday: 11.00 - 21.00

Duration: 3 hours

Groups of up to 5 people

Krasnoyarsk, Perenson str. 1, «Прана» studio


Controlled abstraction
Painting in oil
Painting for children
Painting in oil, acrylic
Pop art portrait
Lectures on art history

Corporate? A birthday party? Or would you like to give a master class as a gift?

Send a reservation request with “Special Conditions“, we'll call you back with options.

About the author

Ульяна Кузнецова официальный сайт

For more than 20 years I have been working as an independent artist in the technique of impressionistic and realistic painting.
I have painted more than 250 paintings for exhibitions and to order.

My paintings are in private collections in Russia, Germany and China. I am a prize-winner and winner of Russian and international competitions and art exhibitions.
Can give master-classes on the skills and techniques of painting, run an educational project on the history of art

My master classes are adapted individually for everyone, so that everyone can learn to draw and learn about art - even if they have never tried!

I started drawing at a young age, went a long way of learning how to draw, graduated from art school with honors and won the International Art Competition for Japan. Later I entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Art and Industry named after A.L. Stieglitz

2008-2010. Individual training in drawing, painting and composition continued in the workshops of artists of the Krasnoyarsk Academy of Fine Arts

Enjoy painting, get

positive emotions and energy!

Inspire you! Ulyana Kuznetsova!